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Ambulance Services

Patients who generally qualify for ambulance services are most often bedconfined and/or require special medical intervention or monitoring enroute to their destination. Such services can only be performed by licensed Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs.) Ambulance services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to accommodate emergency and non-emergency needs.

Ambulette Services

Patients who generally qualify for ambulette services are typically wheelchair bound. These individuals cannot ambulate on their own or without assistance. Ambulette services are only appropriate in non-emergency situations such as transportation to and from doctor’s appointments, dialysis treatments, etc.

Paramedic Intervention Unit

Staffed by a Paramedic, the Paramedic Intervention Unit can:
• reduce extended response times on Emergency related transports
• provide additional manpower when needed (combative patients….bariatric needs….etc..)
• deliver medical equipment and supplies to Ambulances out in the field
• improve overall Customer Service

Air Ambulance Assistance

Ohio Ambulance assists Air Ambulance companies by providing the ground transport needed to get their clients to their final destination. These services are often used for individuals that become sick or injured while traveling away from home, or to bring them closer to loved ones that can care for them for an extended period of time.

Outside Support Services

Ohio Ambulance provides Call-Intake, Dispatch, Billing, Financial, and other administrative services for private medical transportation providers. Please contact us for a consult and let us help customize a program that will help your organization meet and exceed its goals.


• 24-Hour Access to Medical Transportation
• Advanced Life Support
• Basic Life Support
• Ventilator-Dependent Transports
• Coverage for Major Sporting and Special Events
• Ambulette Transportation

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