About the company

Captain Louie Belluomini served in the Army for 9 years. He worked as a psychological operations specialist and military police officer during his time in the Army. He was honorably discharged as a Captain in 2015 after serving tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. Louie suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and a traumatic brain injury after his deployments and had decided to pursue a treatment plan involving a K9 when medication or counseling didn’t completely solve the issues or failed. Louie and Star were paired together by K9s for Warriors, the largest K9/Veteran pairing organization in the United States, a non-profit program out of Ponte Vedra, Florida that connects service dogs with veterans suffering from the same things Louie does.

Star performs tasks for Louie that he cannot do on his own. 90% of the dogs from the program are rescue dogs. Their motto is “put a new leash on life”! Star acts mostly as a bodyguard protecting Louie from any possible threat that would normally startle him and cause him to react in a negative/scary manor. Louie has worked as a paramedic in the local communities for the past 14 years. He currently works at Hanco EMS in Findlay, Ohio and as a paramedic at Putnam County EMS in Ottawa, Ohio. Louie has worked as a flight medic in his career and has deployed to Hurricane Katrina as a paramedic. Star is also very comforting to certain patients on the squad calls. Star is his sidekick, a 4-year-old golden retriever. Louie and Star are side by side every day. They are never apart. Star works on the ambulance with him and is constantly attending to Louie’s needs. Star is the first dog in the Country to actively work on an ambulance with her handler. 

Since Star works on the ambulance, she is also cross trained to track and search for people in case they have a lost victim they respond to. She has been the medication for Louie since September of 2016 when they were paired. Louie and Star have been featured in a film documentary that was produced by DNA films following their day-to-day activities along with 2 other graduates out of over 650 graduate K9 teams that had gone through the program. The film tells each of their stories and how they have worked through their issues as a team.

The film can be viewed on Amazon Prime or purchased at www.anewleashonlifemovie.com. Amazon has also made this documentary into a series where you can view Louie and Star’s journey in their own episode. The film has won 5 Emmy awards and 3 Telly awards. 

Star and Louie have not only traveled around Ohio sharing their story and spreading the importance of awareness in the employment environment, but they have also spread their knowledge across the United States in their fight to see a better life in their fellow Veterans, public safety comrades, as well as awareness to the topic.

Louie is married to his wonderful and supporting wife Jessica and together they have a son, Silvio who was born at Promedica Toledo Hospital in November 2016. Louie and Jessica were married in in 2015 when Louie was struggling with his PTSD issues severally, but Jessica stood by him through every step of it all and has helped provide awareness to the struggles that PTSD brings, but also and more importantly provides a voice for the struggles that the loved ones deal with as well.

She has been outspoken about providing support to the loved ones and significant others of the Warriors battling PTSD. PTSD does not just affect our Warriors and heroes of this great Country, but also the loved ones around them. Jessica currently works as a nurse and case manager at Lima Memorial Hospital and she has worked as a nurse for over 15 years. Louie and Jessica met when they were both working in a flight program together when Louie first returned from Iraq in 2009. She has worked in all kinds of nursing and is also passionate in spreading awareness about first responder and hospital staff PTSD in our healthcare providers. Jessica has experience working in the emergency room, ICU and flight medicine. Together they make a great team and all though it is not always easy with PTSD in their lives, they lean on each other and get through it together which we all need a similar support system to get through the tougher times.

On the recommendation of Michelle Francisco, BWC’s Ohio Safety Council Program Manager, Louie and Star have presented at several Ohio Safety Councils in the last year to educate employers on the following:

• Symptoms of PTSD you may recognize in members of your workforce
• How to more effectively manage employees experiencing PTSD
• The growing trend of service dogs in the workplace
• Accommodations an employer must make for a service dog and the employee’s responsibilities for their animal
• How service dogs dramatically reduce dependence on medications and narcotics
• Raise awareness about veterans suffering from PTSD and the K9s for Warriors organization.

Some Testimonials From Those Safety Council Presentations Are As Follows:

1. (Cheryl Barber-Fairfield County Safety Council Representative) Very interesting and informative topic. Extremely interesting topic. Enjoyed the movie that CPT. Louie and Star starred in which highlighted how he came to obtain Star. Everyone enjoyed Louie and his presentation, but Star stole the show, and everyone loved her. I have received three inquiries from businesses who wanted to know more about K9’s For Warriors as they know people who may be in need and qualify for a service dog.

2. (Sandy Kerr-Wood County-Safety Council Representative) This program had quite an impact on the group. Never have I had so many positive comments on a presentation as this one. CPT. Belluomini delivered an extraordinary presentation! I would absolutely recommend him to speak to all safety councils.

3. (Anonymous Student-Tiffin University) I did not know what PTSD was and how much it affects a person in their own day to day life. I feel honored to have learned about this topic so that I can be more aware of the troubles someone with PTSD battles. The topic was very interesting and well covered. I very much enjoyed the presentation.

4. (Jesse Purcell-Hardin County Safety Council Representative) Louis was amazing. He captivated our audience and we truly enjoyed our time with him. I would highly recommend this speaker to other safety councils.

5. (Anonymous Student-Tiffin University) I was impressed on how a service dog could impact a person’s life especially a Veteran struggling with PTSD. The presentation was very enlightening. For example, the stories that CPT. Louie told us about how people can be rude and make negative comments toward him when he is in public with his dog. I guess I just never thought someone could be so rude to someone with a service dog, especially a Veteran.


6. (Morgan Gaudet-Radiology Technician Class, Mercy Community College Student) Being an EMT myself I was blown away by the presentation. I was so impressed with the knowledge of the speaker, specifically the law that is in place for service dogs and what you can and can’t do. I never knew that as an EMT I am responsible in taking that service dog on the ambulance to the hospital. I felt this really helped in my knowledge of how to handle situations involving a service dog. There was so much detail in the presentation, I think everything possible was provided.

7. (Anonymous Student-Findlay University Nursing Student) I was so impressed with the entire presentation, but I was even more impressed during the demonstration and seeing how Star responds to Louie’s needs as well as the difference between the dog being in the vest and out of it. How there is such a difference once the dog is told to go to work.

8. (Judy Collins-Grand Lake Safety Council) We had Louie and k9-Star speak to the Great Lake Safety Council and they did a fantastic job. Their story will jerk your heart strings.

9. (Stacy Spriggs Beougher-Grand Lake Area Safety Council)-Louie and Star were very good at Grand Lake Safety Council. Our lunch ends at 1pm and he told everyone he understood if they needed to leave but just had a little more information to share. Everyone stayed an extra 20 minutes!! He was wonderful!!

10. (Amy Sealts-Putnam County Safety Council)-The Safety Council of Putnam County had Captain Louie and Star visit. We are fortunate that he is a paramedic in our county. Find a way to give him the little extra time needed; it is worth it!

11. Deb Katzenmeyer-Hardin County Safety Council)-He has a great message and does a good job. Great team!

Some Of The Other Locations In Which CPT. Louis Belluomini And K9-Star Have Presented At (But Not Limited To) Are As Follows:

֎ Stars and Stripes for the troops: The Villages, Florida
֎ Tiffin University: Tiffin, Ohio
֎ R&DA Annual Spring Conference: Williamsburg, Virginia
֎ Annual Survival Summit Mental and Physical Health Care of The First Responder Conference: Ehove Career Center, Milan, Ohio
֎ LifeFlight Safety Conference, Kalahari Resort: Sandusky, Ohio
֎ Lenawee Intermediate School District, Morenci, Michigan
֎ Ottawa Glandorf Running Club, Ottawa, Ohio
֎ Ottawa Public Library, Ottawa, Ohio
֎ New Creation Lutheran Church, Ottawa, Ohio
֎ St. Michaels Parish and grad school, Findlay, Ohio
֎ Promedica air and mobile transportation network, Toledo, Ohio

֎ GM Plant Safety team, Defiance, Ohio
֎ University Toledo Medical Center Nursing: Toledo, Ohio
֎ The Fitness Shack, Sylvania, Ohio
֎ North Baltimore Chambers of Commerce Annual Conference, North Baltimore, Ohio
֎ EMS Fall Symposium, Promedica Toledo Hospital, Toledo, Ohio
֎ Night to Remember, Columbus Grove, Ohio
֎ Heelers for Hero’s, Maumee, Ohio
֎ Baltimore Maryland School District, Baltimore, Maryland
֎ Sinclair Community College, Dayton, Ohio
֎ Putnam County Safety Council
֎ Mercy College Faculty and Staff Community Awareness, Toledo, Ohio
֎ Putnam County EMT Program, Glandorf, Ohio

֎ EHOVE Career Center Public Safety Program, Milan, Ohio
֎ Mercy LifeFlight Annual Continuing Education Conference, Great Bear Lodge, Ohio
֎ Hardin County Safety Council, Kenton, Ohio
֎ Wood County Safety Council, Wood County Hospital Bowling Green, Ohio
֎ Tiffin University Community PTSD Awareness Conference, Tiffin, Ohio
֎ Putnam County American Legion, Ottawa, Ohio
֎ OPERS Committee meeting, Kalida, Ohio
֎ Galion Safety Council, Galion, Ohio
֎ Celina-Mercer County Safety Council, Celina, Ohio
֎ Gillig Winery Solstice Day Event, Findlay, Ohio

֎ Seneca County Safety Council, Tiffin, Ohio
֎ Wilmington-Clinton County Chamber of Commerce, Wilmington, Ohio
֎ Delaware Area Chamber of Commerce, Delaware, Ohio
֎ Marion Area Chamber of Commerce, Marion, Ohio
֎ Blanchard Valley Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, Findlay, Ohio
֎ Richland County Safety Council, Mansfield, Ohio
֎ American Legion Hancock County Press conference, Findlay, Ohio
֎ Fairfield County Safety Council, Lancaster, Ohio
֎ Pawsible Angels Committee Meeting, Blanchard Valley Hospital, Findlay, Ohio
֎ HOPE Community PTSD Awareness Conference, Findlay, Ohio

Media Support

The following are some media appearances Louie and Star were asked to be interviewed for or events:

֎ Fox News-The morning show Fox and Friends
֎ ABC News-Toledo, Ohio
֎ Several Military magazines and newspapers
֎ Little Blessings Veteran Outreach Radio- Temperance, Michigan
֎ Several Interviews with the Courier newspaper-Findlay, Ohio
֎ Sentinel Newspaper-Ottawa, Ohio

֎ Several EMS Magazines to include: JEMS, EMS World
֎ We have been featured in the news and other public television, newspapers, magazines and other media sources nationwide as well as worldwide to include but not limited to London, Turkey, Japan, Australia, Germany, Russia, Canada and Puerto Rico.
֎ Multiple Appearances on WKXA/WFIN-Findlay, Ohio Radio Station

֎ Multiple Appearances on WKXA/WFIN-Findlay, Ohio Radio Station
֎ National News Associations
֎ Movie has aired on 48 state PBS Stations nationwide
֎ Movie featured on 142 stations worldwide
֎ Washington Post
֎ New York Times
֎ Multiple local Dayton News stations

Presentation and Film Screening

We encourage you to open the presentation up to the public if you are willing to. Specifically, to the Veterans living in your communities. This is a very sensitive topic that most people will never discuss so our goal is to open the minds of others so that we can further the conversation, make others feel at ease when talking about it and maybe even save a life of someone that has been struggling and not found an answer to their issues.
A good way to reach the Veteran community is to contact the local Veteran Service Office, otherwise known as the VSO, and let them know it is open to the Veterans to attend if you so choose to open it up. Every county has a VSO and some will have a VA center which you could also open it up to.
We also suggest reaching out to the first responders (EMS, Fire Dept., Police) in the community. First responders are often battling their own PTSD issues as well, so we encourage their attendance as well if you have the ability to.

Preferred time for the complete presentation and film is 1 ½ hours, 2 hours if possible, but if time is limited, we can condense the time to 1 hour at the least.

Presentation consists of:

• What to know about PTSD in your employees as well as awareness of service dogs in the workplace for employees and employers of all kinds
• A short film approx. 20 min long is in the beginning starring Louie and Star. The film is featured on Amazon Prime and has won 5 Emmy awards as well as 3 Telly awards. The film is a good representation of what Star and Louie have struggled through and how they work together as well as how effective a service dog is in the work environment.
• Following the film, a PowerPoint presentation is given on the items touched on above.

• After the PowerPoint we will perform the commands that are conducted by Star to show what a service dog is trained to do and respond to the needs of the handler.
• Following the demonstration, we will take questions from the audience and allow for answers.
• I will stay after the event to answer any further questions anyone may have. I will be available until the last person leaves.
• I would be happy to offer any assistance to the people in the audience in which I can connect them with the K9’s For Warrior’s program or provide my information to anyone that feels they need it to pass onto someone in need. 

I will also provide K9’s For Warriors documentation for those that may need assistance in getting the help that they need as well as my business cards in case I can assist in any way needed.

Speaker Cost and Fees

֎ Speaker Flat Fee: $1,000.00

֎ Mileage: .58 Cents a mile from 2906 Innisbrook, Findlay, Ohio 45840, to location of event and the return trip.

֎ If travel is over 4 hours round trip the coverage of a hotel room is requested. Even if travel time is over or under 4 hours the request for an overnight stay may be or not be needed, but is encouraged due to the safety of myself and my service dog Star. This will be handled on a case by case basis.

֎ Any out of State or out of Country requests will be a higher fee with specific arrangements but can be negotiated at the time of the request. I am very open to going out of State or Country for a presentation, so please do not hesitate to ask.

֎ These requests will be handled on a case by case basis.

֎ Travel and certain accommodations will be necessary i.e. airfare, ground transport, hotel accommodations etc.


A donation box will be present as an option for anyone to donate to K9’s For Warriors. Donations would be completely voluntary and by no means required or forced on anyone. Donations can be accepted by cash or check. If donations are made by check, the individual or company can make the check out to “K9’s For Warriors.”

Since K9’s For Warriors is a nonprofit organization they work completely off donations. The waiting list for a Veteran right now is 18-months because of the need for more donations in order to put more Warriors through the program. As more donations come in, the more Warriors they can put through the organization faster. Dogs are ready on site for these Warriors they are just waiting for financial support since everything is covered for the Veteran.

There is also the opportunity to sponsor a dog. Individuals, companies or organizations can sponsor a dog. In other words, anyone can sponsor a dog, but sponsorship of a dog is broken down to $15,000.00 for an individual and $20,000.00 for companies or organizations. The awesome thing about being able to sponsor a dog is that you get constant updates throughout the training process, but best of all you get to name the dog whatever you want. Once the Warrior dog team is complete, the Veteran has the opportunity to get in touch with the sponsor if they so choose. Also, you have the opportunity to attend the graduation if you decide to do so. Best of all that money goes towards saving the life of a dog and a Veteran. These dogs are rescued, and the Warriors have severe PTSD. Twenty-Two Veterans a day commit suicide, so you literally are saving a dog from a kill shelter and a Veteran from possible suicide.

There are other ways you can support the program without a financial commitment by donating gifts! Instead of giving a monetary contribution to the program, you can also gift items that can be used in the kennels or in the clubhouse.

Items that are always needed:

֎ Creamy peanut butter (unopened)

֎ Large KONG chew toys • Nylabones

֎ Jolly Balls (8″ hard plastic without handles)

֎ Petco or PetSmart gift cards

֎ Magic Erasers

֎ Household items such as paper towel, toilet paper, plastic cups and utensils

֎ Office supplies including copy paper and envelopes

Please do not bring dog treats or dog food to donate to K9’s For Warriors due to the service dogs being on a strict diet and eating a certain type of food that is already donated from the company. Thank you for considering that, but it would not be able to be used. However, if you would like to bring things like that to the presentation, we will be sure to donate it in Star’s name to the local shelter in your community. Any goods or items listed above can be brought to the speaking event. Louie and Star will ensure it all gets to the campus in a timely manner.

Program Enhancements:

K9s For Warriors is always looking for special ways in making the program experience for the Warriors better. The Veterans spend three weeks on campus, making Camp K9 their home during that time. The majority of their experience involves training with the Warrior trainers, but there are often times when their time needs to be filled with other, more relaxing activities. For example, there has been art classes held and even had professional masseurs come in and give our Warriors massages. We’ve also been able to accept handmade items that provide additional comfort for the Warriors and dogs. Others have offered their professional services, such as dog grooming and veterinary care, to assist us as well. The staff does an amazing job in trying to keep the Warriors minds off of things during the time that they are on campus. I know it’s hard to believe, but these Warriors are dealing with a lot of stress so the staff does all they can to minimize that as much as possible.

There are a number of ways to use your talents to enhance the program. If you are interested in giving back in this way, please let me know and I would be happy to coordinate in making it happen.

Needs During Speaking Engagement:

֎ Computer that connects HDMI cable to a T.V. or projector for the PowerPoint presentation and a short film.

֎ Microphone

֎ Projector or T.V. with easy viewing of the presentation and film that has an HDMI connection

֎ A USB remote slide changer if possible

֎ Speaker system in place so the entire audience can hear the presentation

֎ Presentation content (PowerPoint and film) will be on a USB hard drive that can be connected to the provided computer

֎ I will always bring my own computer as well in case it is needed to assist in setting up the presentation and film.

Links to Publicity

֎ K9’s For Warriors Movie Trailer: www.anewleashonlifemovie.com
֎ Interview with the Findlay Newspaper the Courier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lg5u3XZq8Fk&t=7s
֎ Channel 13 ABC News Toledo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FnE3LNVMXI&t=16s
֎ Interview with the Findlay Newspaper the Courier: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6ybnAf_PjM&t=3s
֎ Channel 24 NBC News Toledo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kysj4Q5Ihqg&t=7s
֎ Producer Point of view: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbCrgVgrFMA
֎ University of Findlay open door class on Wellness and mental health.
֎ Interview conducted by the local radio station. ֎ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjL0CtPUhVQ&t=3s
֎ The Courier Newspaper Interview: ֎ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZhjJU3IEhY&t=11s
֎ Channel 13 ABC News interview on release of the movie ֎ https://www.13abc.com/content/news/Local-veteran and-his-dog-star-in-documentarythats-getting-worldwide-attention-501384422.html
֎ Lima News: https://www.limaohio.com/news/329137/film-featuring-findlay-vets-storyshown
֎ Channel 24 NBC News Toledo conducts interview upon the release of the film: https://nbc24.com/news/local/findlay-veteran-guide-dog-featured-in-amazondocumentary
֎ University of Findlay Newsroom report: https://newsroom.findlay.edu/star-show-emmyaward-nominated-documentary-highlights-local-army-veteran-service-dog-screened-uf/
֎ The Courier Newspaper article on the release of the film: https://thecourier.com/life/lifeextra/2018/11/26/veteran-and-service-dog-star-in-film/
֎ SHYAA Introduction of Louie and Star to the public: https://shydoublea.com/meet-louie/
֎ EMS 1 Magazine news article: https://www.ems1.com/dogs/articles/141335048-Servicedog-joins-paramedic-with-PTSD-on-ambulance/
֎ Military Times Magazine article: https://www.militarytimes.com/pay-benefits/militarybenefits/health-care/2016/11/06/service-dog-rides-in-ohio-air-ambulance-with-ex-soldier/
֎ The Washington Times Newspaper article: https://www.washingtontimes.com/topics/louis-belluomini/
֎ The Daily Orange, Syracuse University Newspaper Article: http://dailyorange.com/2018/11/many-veterans-service-dogs-allow-readjust-civilian-life/
֎ Disability Rights Oregon News Article: https://droregon.org/tag/veterans/
֎ Northwest Disability Connections: http://dacnw.org/accessibility/service-dog-star-ashining-example/
֎ JEMS Magazine (Journal of Emergency Medical Services: https://www.jems.com/articles/news/2016/11/service-dog-rides-in-ambulance-to-helpowner-cope-with-ptsd.html
֎ Putnam County Sentinel Newspaper: https://putnamsentinel.com/Content/News/LocalNews/Article/A-Veteran-and-Star-serve-together/1/1/26723
֎ American Disability Association, “The Guide Publication”: https://blue-path.org/wpcontent/uploads/2014/10/Successful-֎ Service-Dog-Accommodationspdf.pdf
֎ Delaware Area Chamber of Commerce announces guest speaker:https://business.delawareareachamber.com/events/details/chamber-event-safety-councilmay-14-2019-4238
֎ Dayton Ohio PTSD and Service dog open presentation to the public. Dayton Ohio Chamber of Commerce raising money to sponsor a K9 for k9s For Warriors: https://www.wdtn.com/news/group-raising-money-to-gift-service-dog-dayton-to-veteran/
֎ Little Blessings radio show-Warriors Spotlight- https://soundcloud.com/user-265069621/2020-ws-ep21-01142020-louis-b

Thank You for your consideration and we hope to speak with you soon!

Captain Louie and K9-Star Belluomini

Proclamations and Letters of Accommodation From:
The Authority of the State of Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine and Lieutenant Governor John Husted. The Ohio Secretary of State, Frank LaRose.

The Board of County Commissioners of Montgomery, Ohio, Deborah A. Lieberman (President), Judy Dodge, Carolyn Rice. The Treasurer of The State of Ohio, Robert Sprague.

The Ohio Auditor of State, Keith Faber.

֎ Facebook Testimonials

֎ K9’s For Warriors Sponsorship

֎ 114 Camp K9 Road

֎ Ponte Vedra, Florida 32081

Once K9s For Warriors receives the dog sponsorship gift, the sponsor will be added to our “waiting for dog list.” As we bring in a new dog for training, he/she will be assigned to the sponsor at the top of the list.

Right now, we have about 125 sponsors on that list, and that translates into a wait of perhaps 12 months before a new sponsor’s dog would enter the kennel to begin training.

The sponsor has the opportunity to name their sponsored dog, and because we will not know the dog’s gender until he/she enters the kennel, we ask for a gender-neutral name or both a male and female name.

Once the dog sponsor is on the wait list, we provide monthly updates on the dog’s progress up the list.

Once the dog is in the kennel, he/she will go on a 30-day hold. We use this time to further evaluate the dog to ensure that he/she is capable of meeting our rigorous standards and becoming a trained service dog.

A small percentage of the dogs that come in will not make it through the 30-day evaluation period, and in that case, we find a loving home for the dog.

After the dog passes his/her 30-day hold, we notify the sponsor that their dog is in the kennel and official training begins. Because the vast majority of our dogs are rescues with a wide range of backgrounds, the training time can vary significantly. We receive some dogs that already know the basics, while others come to us with no training at all. It typically takes anywhere from two-to-six months – sometime less but rarely longer– to get the dog fully up to speed and ready for his/her warrior. Again, any time during training that a sponsored dog “washes” (i.e., drops out of the program for physical or behavioral reasons), the sponsor returns to the top of the “waiting for dog list” and we find a suitable home for the original dog. During his/her time in training, we provide the sponsor with biweekly updates directly from the dog’s trainer, along with photographs from training both on and off campus.

When the dog is fully trained and ready, he/she will be matched with one of our warriors from around the country, and together they train during a three-week session at our facility (“Camp K9”) in Ponte Vedra, FL. The warriors arrive on a Sunday and meet their dog on Monday (“Dog Day”). Our trainers match the dog to the lifestyle, home and family environment, activity level, etc. of the warrior. On the Wednesday of that first week (48 hours after Dog Day), we let the sponsor know that their dog will be graduating with the current class. We wait to notify the sponsor because occasionally a warrior and dog are not an ideal match, and we are typically able to recognize that within 24-to-48 hours of the dog meeting the warrior. Once we get to Wednesday, we are confident that the pair will be ready for their intensive training and subsequent graduation.

Sponsors are invited to attend their dog’s graduation and generally have the opportunity to meet the dog and warrior briefly prior to the graduation ceremony. Following the ceremony, the sponsor can spend additional time for photographs and additional interaction. K9s For Warriors also streams the graduation ceremonies live on Facebook so that sponsors unable to attend have a chance to see their sponsored dog and witness the impact of their support.

About a month after graduation, the sponsor will receive a bound book with photos of the dog and warrior’s journey.

Sponsorship fee is $25,000. We try to build relationships with companies or organizations in the hopes of continuing sponsorship of dogs each year or more. For example, we have an outstanding relationship with the company Stryker who makes medical equipment out of New Jersey. Stryker over the past three years has sponsored 29 dogs amazingly. They really believe in our program and have had the opportunity to see the progress firsthand. They loved the idea that they were able to save a veteran’s life and a dog since the dogs mainly come from kill shelters and with the suicide rate for veterans being 22 the chances of our men and women that come through being 1 of those 22 are very high since they are dealing with a very high level of stress. Every veteran that comes through is either fully or partially disabled by the government post 9/11.