When you’re responding to a call every second counts. Fortunately, in the digital age, our mobile devices give us a great deal of instant information. A range of mobile apps for first responders allow EMS crews to work more efficiently and confidently. The information you need could be only a click away.
Below is a list of apps that could help you on the job. Even though not all of these applications are compatible with Apple products and Android, most are compatible with both.


When radios are out of range sensimob gives police officers, EMS crews, and firefighters a way to communicate with one another. The app wasn’t originally meant for emergency service crews but it has come in handy for many. It enables them to call for backup or send alerts in the moment. The app itself is free for Android users but there is a monthly subscription fee that varies based on the number of users.

Hazref 2008

With a database of more than 3,000 hazardous materials Hazref 2008 is a great resource for anyone in the EMS field. It allows you to research potentially hazardous materials and chemicals. You store the information locally on your phone so you can access it even without a network connection. It can map incidents like hazardous waste spills in real time. This app is available for Apple devices and Android for $3.99.


The R.E.B.E.L. EM app comes from Dr. Salim Rezaie, MD, FACEP, creator of the website and podcast by the same name. The app distills information from the blog posts into easy-to-understand charts organized by body system. All content is board reviewed and evidence-based. The app is free for Apple devices and Android.


From the people behind the well known WebMD, Medscape targets medical professionals with a robust website and blog. Their app provides an easily searchable repository of medical conditions and medications. It includes calculators and drug interaction checkers. The content is all reviewed by subject matter experts. It’s available free for Apple devices and Android.

Badge Buddy

Badge Buddy is another database, but this one is meant specifically for police officers. It gives officers access to things like license plates, sex offenders, pill identifier lists and much, much, more. A downside to this app is that not all cities have been included so make sure yours is listed. However, on their website, they do offer to add your city if you don’t find it. This is available on Apple and Android for $5.99.

This list is only the tip of the iceberg for all of the apps that are available to assist EMS crews on a day to day basis. If you’d like more ideas of apps for first responders, check out your favorite app store. It may just help save a life.

IMAGE: Gerd Altmann / CC0 Public Domain