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Exploring the EMS Data Revolution

Today's technology-driven world is a balance of giving out too much information and concerns about privacy laws. Yet shared information is a valuable necessity for training, monitoring, and...

Transitioning to Healthcare from Other Careers

Many graduates choose a career before they fully understand what they want from their professional life. However, some find out later in life that they aren't happy with their chosen career. By the...

Seven Ways to Laugh for Stress Relief

Good work-life balance is something most people strive for. But when you work in one of the most stressful jobs in the healthcare field, finding that balance presents a challenge. You work hard,...

What People Misunderstand About Emergency Vehicles on the Road

When you're the one driving an emergency vehicle with the sirens on, you probably think, "Why can't everyone just get out of my way?" After all, you're on your way to a critical situation. Getting...

5 Times EMS Crews Were in the Right Place at the Right Time

As an EMS professional, just because you aren’t on the clock doesn’t mean you’re off the job. Your training has taught you to deal with emergency situations wherever you may go. For most, however,...

Ambulance Theft is No Laughing Matter

We all hear stories about civilians stealing ambulances. If not, just Google "people stealing ambulances." The media has fun with these incidents when they occur. You may even chuckle at some of the...

How to Handle Medical Questions from Friends and Family

“Do you think this rash is poison ivy, or something worse?” “My co-worker has been feeling really tired lately, what could be wrong with her?” It's not unusual for EMTs and paramedics to receive...

The Critical Importance of Car Seats

You don't need to bother with a car seat for a quick drive to the store, right? Fidgeting with straps annoys your tired kid and takes more time. But a few possible tantrums are worth it. EMS workers...

Common Challenges For 911 Dispatch Centers

First responders rely upon an efficient 911 system in order to properly respond to calls for help. Unfortunately, the system doesn’t always work smoothly. As with any system that relies on a...

Insights on Working with Hospice Patients in EMS

As an EMS professional, the parts of your job that entail racing to a scene and saving lives are sometimes glamorized. Yet, when you provide ambulatory care, you encounter all kinds of people in...
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Our services

• 24-Hour Access to Medical Transportation
• Advanced Life Support
• Basic Life Support
• Ventilator-Dependent Transports
• Coverage for Major Sporting and Special Events
• Ambulette Transportation

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Outside Support Services

Ohio Ambulance provides Call-Intake, Dispatch, Billing, Financial, and other administrative services for private medical transportation providers. 

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Ambulette Services

Patients who generally qualify for ambulette services are typically wheelchair-bound. These individuals cannot ambulate on their own or without assistance.

Ambulance services

Ambulance Services

Patients who generally qualify for ambulance services are most often bedconfined and/or require special medical intervention or monitoring enroute to their destination.

Benefits & Incentives

You Are Our Priority!

Ohio Ambulance consists of highly qualified Paramedics, EMTs, Ambulette Attendants, Communication Center Specialists, Dispatchers, and Billing Representatives. We offer:


Competitive wages





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Attractive healthcare packages through Single and Family Healthcare Plans avail for Medical, Dental, and Vision.

Ohio Ambulance offers flexible scheduling to accommodate the busiest of all lifestyles. Our online Swipe Clock allows our employees to create and manage their own schedules.

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“Grant Baker and Rob Visscher received compliments from a client today. The daughter of a patient called, she shared how very pleasant our crew was and she really appreciated it. She stated that they were very patient, compassionate and despite it being Christmas eve their attitude was great! ( she remarked that no one wants to be working on that day)she said that they were so pleased that they would definitely use our services again.”

Family Member of Patient – Cincinnati

“Garrett and Louis transported a patient from a residence in Mayfield Hts. to the Cleveland Clinic main campus. Received a compliment for these two which stated that they were wonderful, exceptional, really appreciated & they couldn’t be happier as it was a pleasant experience having them care for the patient. She further stated that she wishes everyone was so kind and considerate as these crew members were. What a positive and enlightening experience.”

Patient – Cleveland

Molly went above and beyond during a medical emergency that transcended into a Code Blue situation (cardiac arrest) she was a tremendous help when this happened and jumped into action immediately. She showed true leadership and compassion that day. It was the best experience I have had with an EMT in my 24 years of service as a nurse. If only all of them could be like Molly. She truly showed the heart and determination of Ohio Ambulance!

VA-Veterans Affairs Emergency Room Nurse- Cleveland

About us

Ohio Ambulance is an integral part of Ohio’s healthcare system, providing 24 hour emergency and non-emergency medical transportation services.Committed to service and quality, we understand the stress a medical crisis can put on a patient and their family members. For this reason, Ohio Ambulance provides these individuals with professional care and compassion en-route to their destination. We strive for excellence as we utilize high standards of practice when it comes to patient care.


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Ohio Ambulance is proud to support our Veterans no matter what background they come by. Today, we proudly support Captain Louie and his K9 working dog Star. We have even made Ohio Ambulance home to the very first PARAMEDIC EMS K9 UNIT NATIONWIDE Louie and Star have been together many years, working as an EMS K9 Team in various communities. They are known as the 1st EMS K9 Team in the country, but we took it a step further by adopting the first EMS K9 unit in which Louie and Star can assist our community on a larger scale.